First online shop with his
paintings reproduction, exclusively authorized

Why are our
reproductions unique?

High quality canvas
and wooden frames



A piece of Vojkůvka into your apartment
or a reproduction may also be an original

In my paintings I show not only my hobbies but also what I see around me - people, objects, feelings. To make my work available to more people, I decided to create a series of unique reproductions that you can buy directly on this website.

None is the same

Each reproduction is original because it has something new painted into it, what other reproductions do not have.

Numbered copies

My reproductions are limited by number of pieces and are numbered. Your number of the picture can be found in the certificate.

The authenticity is guaranteed

To each picture you get the signed copyright certificate.

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One is not born a painter... becomes a painter

Libor Vojkůvka

I was not born with a palette in my hand or in an artistic family. I described not only my way to the canvas but I also decided to share how I am working. Find out how Libor Vojkůvka appeared here.

Meet Libor Vojkůvka